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hi i'm Lynne!

this is me (although I almost never wear my crazy naturally curly hair down)! photography is my full-time job and i absolutely love it! i’m the lead photographer and in charge of a lot of things... except taxes and budgeting (i leave my husband in charge of numbers).  i started this business in 2010 after my daughter was born and i still can’t believe i get to call this my career! in recent years my business has grown to unimaginable heights and i have found a beautiful tribe of ladies that help keep all the behind the scenes running smoothly! i love being able to focus more on the creative side and my family. time is fleeting and life is precious please let me capture your now before it changes! 

wife, mom, photographer, beach and sun lover 

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Sunsets to me are the best end of the day. It gives me time to pause and reflect on the good (and bad) the day held. I love when the wind of the day calms and everything is quiet and peaceful. 

my family

Aaron and i met in college. we were friends for years before we started dating. after being engaged for two years we got married while tornado sirens were going off! we have two kids but our first baby is Aly, our chocolate lab. 

food allergies

my body hated being pregnant. i mean seriously hated it! i went into liver and kidney failure before giving birth to my first. what i didn't expect was to gradually feel worse as my kids got older. in 2019 i decided enough was enough and i did allergy testing. i am allergic to gluten, dairy, egg whites and corn. the list of what i can eat is short! But I feel better than i have in 10 years! seriously!


i am a life long Disney lover! i could absolutely go to Disney every day. my husband and i have taken our kids every three years and i love seeing the magic through their eyes. 

THE beach

I love the beach. I love the thunderous and overwhelming sound of the ocean waves. I love having my toes in the sand and the push and pull of the waves. It is the only place I have the focus to read books. I love spending all day in the sun. The day can be full of floating in the ocean, collecting seashells or just discussing our hopes and dreams for the future. 

fresh cut flowers

I love having fresh cut flowers in the house. I love the color and subtle scents they bring. Tulips are my favorite because I'm one half Dutch and they are such a great sign that spring (and more importantly summer) are coming! 

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